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Estate Planning • Trusts • Guardianship • Probate Administration

There are so many decisions to be made in life, but none is more important than estate planning. Everyone should have at least a simple will to declare their wishes at death. However, that usually isn’t enough to help your family through the difficult time they will be facing if you become incapacitated. With just a little more legal groundwork, you can also preserve assets for your loved ones, and you can make your wishes known if you are of ill health or require long term care. Estate planning can also help you avoid difficult guardianship or probate proceedings for your family.

Estate Planning At Shelton & Walkley Law Group, our estate planning and probate law attorneys assist individuals in choosing and preparing documents to safeguard assets and guide family members’ decisions when you cannot make them. In addition, if you are the executor of a will, we can assist in all aspects of probate including settling the estate, sales of real estate, inventory of assets, payment of debts and distributions to heirs. And we can do the same for a personal representative if a loved one passes without a will.

We serve clients in Oklahoma City, Norman, Midwest City, Edmond, throughout Oklahoma County, and nearby counties. Call 405-605-8800 to arrange a consultation regarding:

  • A last will and testament for distribution of assets at death
  • Variable types of trusts to manage assets and leave a legacy
  • Durable powers of attorney for decisions on your behalf
  • Long-term care planning (assisted living or nursing home care)
  • Advance care directives regarding end-of-life medical issues
  • Appointment of guardians for you, your spouse, or minor children

Probate and Estate Administration

We represent the executor of a will when a family member dies (or the personal representative of a loved one who did not have a will). Our lawyers assist in all aspects of settling the estate; including sales of real estate, inventory of assets, payment of debts, and distributions to heirs.

Shelton & Walkley Law Group also handles probate litigation, like will contests, competency issues, fraud or allegations of breach of fiduciary duty, and appeals. Call 405-605-8800 today to get your estate planning started.