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Rise In Fraud And Abuse Charges Against For-Profit Nursing Homes
A recent investigation of government data and court filings by Bloomberg News indicates that the rise of for-profit nursing homes is resulting in an increase in waste, fraud, and abuse charges. According to the report, for-profit nursing home companies allegedly

20 Common Nursing Home Problems and How to Solve Them, #1-5
Number 1: NO DISCRIMINATION AGAINST MEDICAID-ELIGIBLE RESIDENTS What you hear: “Medicaid does not pay for the service that you want.” The Facts: A Medicaid-Eligible resident is entitled to the same level of service provided to any other resident, Section 483.12(c)(1)

20 Common Nursing Home Problems and How to Solve Them, #6-10
Number 6: Prohibiting inappropriate use of behavior-modifying medication What you hear: “No, your mother needs medication in order to make her more manageable.” The Facts: Medication can be used to modify behavior only when the behavior is caused by a

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