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Nursing Home Abuse

Shelton Law Group: Experienced Attorneys Handling Oklahoma Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

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Shelton Law Group is a leader in assisting the victims of nursing home abuse. In fact, attorney Douglas Shelton is a founding member of Attorneys Against Nursing Home Abuse,which is dedicated to protecting and enforcing the rights of the elderly and vulnerable. In addition to representing nursing home residents, their mission is to learn from the nation’s most respected nursing home abuse lawyers and to teach seminars training other attorneys who handle nursing home cases.

As recognized leaders in this field, these attorneys are well-versed in recognizing key symptoms and signs of elder abuse in a variety of settings, and they strive to keep current on laws, regulations, and cases designed to protect residents of nursing homes. Shelton Law Group is committed to aggressively pursuing justice against any long-term care facility that does not comply with these laws.

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If you are the victim of, or simply aware of, any instance of nursing home abuse or neglect, contact our experienced Oklahoma nursing home abuse attorneys today.

Many Nursing Homes are Not as Reliable as They Should Be

Often, people must place elderly relatives—grandparents, parents, even siblings or spouses—in some type of long-term care facility. Family members may not have sufficient time or the specialized training or equipment necessary to provide proper care for relatives with special medical needs or disabilities. Consequently, people look to nursing homes, senior centers, or assisted care facilities as the only viable alternatives, trusting that these facilities will provide an appropriate level of care.

People invest a lot of time in selecting a facility that will not only meet special personal needs but basic standards of care and service, all within the constraints of convenience and budget. But the unfortunate reality is that many nursing home residents suffer from a shocking amount of abuse and neglect—even in homes that seem to uphold exceptional standards.

Studies by the National Center for Elder Abuse have concluded that elder abuse is relatively common in nursing homes. Almost one in three has been cited for violations of state or federal standards, and nearly one in ten has committed a violation that has led to serious injury or risk of death. In a survey of 2,000 long-term care residents, 44% reported that they had experienced some type of abuse, and 95% reported that either they or someone they knew had been neglected. These numbers are particularly alarming when you consider that over three million Americans reside in nursing homes, and over 900,000 Americans live in assisted living facilities.

What Constitutes Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing home abuse can take many forms:

  • Physical abuse, including hitting, pushing, burning, shaking, kicking, using physical restraints, or using force to compel conduct
  • Sexual abuse, including assault, rape, exposure, and taking explicit photographs
  • Emotional or psychological abuse, including using abusive or profane language, harassment, threats, isolation, confinement, or “the silent treatment”
  • Failure to feed, bathe, hydrate, or clothe residents, often leading to bed or pressure sores
  • Failure to protect residents from abuse by other residents or by staff;
  • Failure to properly provide needed medicines
  • Ignoring basic safety or health requirements
  • Ignoring calls for assistance
  • Financial abuse, through exploitation or coercion
  • Other forms of abuse or neglect

The impacts of these incidents are serious. Nursing home abuse and neglect injuries incur an estimated $5 billion per year in medical costs, and the risk of death increases threefold for abused elderly patients. Besides physical injuries, these incidents also cause psychological distress, which has serious health and quality of life repercussions.

If Your Loved One is a Victim of Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect in Oklahoma, Call Shelton Law Group

Nursing homes have a legal duty not only to provide proper care, but to protect their residents from abuse and neglect. Any failure to fulfill this duty that leads to injury or death of a nursing home resident can constitute civil negligence, creating legal liability for the nursing home. Residents injured by the abuse or negligence of nursing home staff in Oklahoma may be entitled to recover for medical costs, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other damages, including punitive damages.

No matter what type of abuse your loved one has experienced—or even if you merely suspect abuse or neglect—contact Shelton Law Group as soon as possible. Our Oklahoma City nursing home abuse attorneys will provide a free case evaluation, serving the entire State of Oklahoma.

While many law firms may say they are equipped to deal with nursing home abuse, the truth is, many are not. Nursing homes are not small operations, but often multi-state, multi-million or even -billion dollar corporations with complicated corporate structures and highly-trained and well-compensated defense attorneys. At Shelton Law Group, we understand what you are up against, and we have logged thousands of hours fighting for the rights of the elderly. We are tenacious and aggressive fighters against the mistreatment of the elderly, and our goal is nothing less than to end nursing home abuse. At Shelton Law Group, we can help you achieve justice.

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