Bicycle Accidents

Bicycling, for transportation and for recreation, has become more and more popular within the past few years. Unfortunately, with the surge in bicycling has come an increase in bicycle accidents. At Oklahoma’s Shelton Law Group, our attorneys and professional legal staff understand the dangers bicyclists face and we are ready to help you obtain the financial compensation you deserve. Contact us to discuss your case.

If you ride a bicycle, you know how attentive you must be to the dangers of the road. Often, hazards include poor path or trail maintenance or inattentive motorists. Because of the carelessness of drivers, bicyclists involved in accidents can suffer serious personal injury or even wrongful death.

Serious Bicycle Accidents Bring Serious Injuries

An unprotected human body on lightweight equipment is no match for a speeding automobile or hard pavement. As personal injury lawyers, we represent bicyclists injured in serious bike crashes involving:

  • Hit and run
  • Drivers’ negligence
  • Failure of cars to yield the right of way
  • Crosswalks and intersections
  • Drivers’ crowding bicyclists off of roadways
  • Drivers’ failure to come to a complete stop at intersection

Regardless of experience, even the most careful bicycle riders can easily find themselves on the ground with bruises, road rash and broken bones. Further, head injuries account for the majority of all serious injuries and death from bicycle accidents. Though Oklahoma does not have a law requiring bike riders to wear helmets, wearing a helmet may reduce the chances of serious or fatal injury.

At Shelton Law Group, we provide attentive, responsive and compassionate care for clients. We will keep you informed as we aggressively pursue the compensation you need and deserve.

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