Motorcycle Accidents

If you ride a motorcycle, you understand the dangers of the road usually are due to others’ negligence. Because other drivers are careless and inattentive, motorcyclists involved in accidents suffer serious injury or wrongful death. At Oklahoma’s Shelton Law Group, our attorneys and professional legal staff understand the dangers motorcyclists face and we are ready to help you achieve the financial compensation you deserve.

Motorcyclists are especially susceptible to accidents because they are often unseen by other drivers. Frequently a car or truck will change lanes, turn or suddenly brake directly in front of a motorcycle, leaving inadequate space or time for a motorcyclist to avoid collision.

Responsible Riders Rarely Cause Accidents

Motorcyclists know they are often portrayed as the guilty parties when accidents happen. However, in truth, the cause of accidents is rarely due to rider error. Rather, motorists are usually at fault. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are far more susceptible to serious injury because they lack the protection afforded by enclosed vehicles. These injuries are likely to be serious, long-lasting and possibly life altering. Some injuries even lead to death. As personal injury attorneys, we understand the nature of accident injuries and the expenses that can build. Though we cannot change what has happened to you and your family, we can fight for your right to financial damages. You deserve compensation for the pain and suffering, property damage, lost wages and medical bills you incur. Choose Shelton Law Group to help you claim what is rightfully yours.

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