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Boating and Watercraft Accident

In Oklahoma, boating and water sports provide opportunities for recreation and enjoyment. Unfortunately, these activities also carry the risk of serious injury or even wrongful death. If you or a family has been impacted by injury sustained on or by a boat or watercraft in Oklahoma, contact Shelton Law Group to discuss your case.

Accidents can happen on a variety of recreational vehicles for a variety of reasons and can result in varying degrees of injury, from bruises to broken bones to death. The most common cause of non-fatal injury is a collision with another boat or object in the water. These collisions may be caused by reckless or negligent behavior or even drunk driving. Other causes of serious injury or death of crew and passengers are fires and explosions due to equipment malfunctions.

Boating fatalities most often happen when someone falls overboard or the boat capsizes. Intoxication or the inability to swim can lead to drowning when the victim is not wearing a life jacket. When the accident happens in icy water, hypothermia may be an added factor.

Boat Owners and Operators Can Be Held Liable

If death or serious injury occurs on personal or privately-owned watercraft, consulting our office immediately can be prudent, for protecting your legal rights. We represent those injured on or by: Powerboats and motorboats; Cabin cruisers and yachts; Sailboats and catamarans; Yachts and cruise ships; Ferryboats and riverboats; Hovercrafts and hydrofoils; Fishing boats and jet skis.

Watercraft operators can be held financially liable for accidents caused by their negligence or drunk driving. If someone drowns due to a lack of life preservers or is injured in an on-board fire, a boat owner can be held responsible for the injuries or fatalities that result.

At Shelton Law Group, we provide attentive, responsive and compassionate care for clients. We strive to keep you informed as we aggressively pursue the compensation you need and deserve.

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